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Cross posting from the VDMX forum:

I’ve been unable to travel with my colleague for several of our XAMBUCA shows due to work commitments and lack of funding. Not one to miss out on playing a gig I wanted to explore a few options for networked video performance. After about an hour of trying various search queries I was able to find a clue via Vade’s forum and cobble together a test sending a mix to CamTwist via Quartz Composer Syphon plugin and then on to Skype…and run it all from a MacBook Pro 5,1.

We were able to use this set up live for the first time earlier this week during a performance in Portland, OR (I’m in Asheville, NC) and thanks to ample bandwidth on both ends I streamed a solid 720×480 20f mix without a hiccup for the 50 minute performance.

One other solution I’d like to try but am currently unable to (our secondary on-site machine is an old black macbook that VDMX would kill) would be to stream control data to the secondary machine instead of video…and do an end run around bandwidth issues.


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